Laser Rail Inspection done the right way, Fast, Safe, and Cost effective

Due to the importance of Rail safety, it is also noted that besides inspecting the rails, Nebula has also done work with overpasses and tunnels utilizing 360 degree high speed scanners. Connected to a GPS Tracking unit, real time data collection is obtained.


With High temperatures as well as normal wear issues, Automated Rail Safety Inspection becomes a no brainer. 

A railroad operator needed a safe method for confirming that the rails over several miles of track remained within specifications.  The existing method of sending crews out with a mechanical gage was too time consuming, expensive as well as hazardous. Nebula’s solution utilized a custom designed data acquisition system to collect measurements from lasers mounted to the outside of a train. In addition to improving accuracy and eliminating unsafe conditions, Nebula’s solution reduced the time to inspect the rail from several months to just a few hours. Using the Acuity laser units and GPS location units, mapping out the rail conditions helped to save cost as well as keeping passengers safe.

Using multiple Acuity Laser scanners located in the front of the passenger cars, the company was able to collect all the vital measurements without sacrificing speed or manpower. As the Passenger train moved along the rails each one of the laser collected the data storing the highly accurate measurements in into a file. The GPS was also used in conjunction with the lasers that would stamp the location to where the rails needed servicing when the measurements exceeded the tolerances preprogrammed . This Data can also be sent via IP address wirelessly giving real time data as well as an early warning that will save lives as well as costly derailments issues.


The Biggest problem Companies make when it comes to sales

The Biggest problem Companies make when it comes to sales.